What's Sparking a Pinterest in Digital Marketers?

We are increasingly becoming online users who rely on images, videos and tagged pictures to tell us stories, sell to us and keep us informed. Savvy digital marketers are adapting their communications strategies to this more visual group of web users. Pinterest is becoming the must-be place for digital marketers to hang their sign and show off their wares. The image-sharing site now claims to have some 70 million users, according to new numbers from Expandedramblings blog, with an average visit time of 14 minutes. Fashion retailer Nordstrom's counts the most followers for a brand, with some 4.4 million people on its Pinterest page.

According to a recent article at Forbes.com, smart marketers are building up image capacity for their Pinterest sites. By learning how to test and create visual assets, draw ideas from others and use content from fans, marketers can produce brand loyalty patterns and increase awareness levels and genuine affinity for their brands.

Women, and adults under 50 years old are the primary Pinterest users. The demographics come from a 2013 Pew Internet social media users study, which also found that Pinterest still falls behind Facebook and Twitter for daily social media usage. Women are such heavy Pinterest users that there's somewhat of a battle of the sexes when it comes to the site. Several male-oriented visual sites have sprung up to help men who might like the Pinterest concept, but are not comfortable admitting as much.

Let's break down the key facets that make Pinterest so appealing to this new wave of visual web marketers.

  • Show off merchandise. Not only does Pinterest give marketers and brand manufacturers a super organized place to put all its visual assets, but it can be used to sell merchandise, too. Pinterest communities are a great place to help build interest in particular pinned items for popular consumption.
  • Do good. Examples of brands using Pinterest to do good things abound. Social Media Examiner wrote about Sony Electronics' campaign titled 'Pin It to Give It', in which the company offered to give a dollar to a charity every time a Pinterest user repinned an image from its own page. The well-received effort helped raise about $12,500 for the Michael Phelps Foundation.
  • Agencies like Pinterest. Pinterest isn't only used to market to consumers. The site has also drawn plenty of interest from agencies and professional services firms to drive their own brands through witty or savvy use of imagery. For example, the iAcquire.com pins everything from infographics to funny staff pictures to blog insights on its board. The Phoenix and New York digital marketing agency has seen an increasing amount of traffic on its Pinterest page.
  • Great for website referral traffic. More brands are experiencing larger returns on website traffic from Pinterest, writes Business2Community's site. Because Pinterest allows for longer image descriptions and links to brand sites, users are seeing more traffic from all those mouse clicks on Pin It and Share It buttons.

Marketers looking to get greater mileage of all those pricey photos they pay for from photographers should look to starting a Pinterest account and delivering new ways to connect with fans and customers.