3 Fashionable and Sleek Gadgets

With countless gadgets vying for shrinking wallets, there has been an increased focus on creating high tech gadgets that maintain a sleek style. The following gadgets are the results of technology meeting fashion!

Noon Solar Linden Bag

Due to the larger screens and WIFI compatibility of many devices, the battery life of gadgets has plummeted. There are many solutions to this, for example the Kensington Battery Power Pack, but it is not the most chic or attractive. Alternatively, the Noon Solar Linden Purse (pictured above) is attempting to make ecologically-based messenger bags trendy among society at large. This purse contains a portable solar battery charger which takes 6 to 8 hours in sunlight a day to charge your mobile or iPod in day or night. The battery adds only three ounces to the purse’s weight, and holds the sun’s energy for a couple of days. You are not yet able to charge you laptop with this purse, but NoonStyle. The bag doesn’t come cheap at £280 ($433), though it is no more than any designer purse or carrier bag.

Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer

The recent surge of interest in photography, from lomography to Instagram, has led camera manufacturers to produce lighter and portable high-quality cameras. Companies have also started to manufacture light and fashionable accessories for these cameras including a printer to go along with them. Polaroid’s sleek, stylish and easy to use printer is following this trend. This portable printer was launched in Consumer Electronics Show in 2011. Even Lady Gaga said that she carries around a Polaroid 3-inch by 4-inch GL10 instant mobile printer in her purse. Polaroid has developed the printer so that it easily fits in a purse or messenger bag and can be used with no hassle at all. So now you can slip in pictures in your family album on the go.

HP MiniVivienne Tam Edition


With this designer netbook, high-class fashion meets high-end tech. The laptop has a 10.2-inch screen, 60GB harddisk and 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor while still being less than 1-inch thick. The laptop also has Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and wireless printers. Debuting in Vivienne Tam’s 2009 collection, the laptop aims at those who want a fashionable component for their high tech gadget. Though the processor might seem a little outdated, that’s only when you are doing some heavy-duty work otherwise it’s good to go. According to CNET.co.uk the price is £400.

So there you have it. From purses and messenger bags, to printers and netbooks, high street fashion meets high tech gadgets.