Nikon's SmartCamera

You know how it is: you go off on holiday with your shiny digital camera, snap a few photos here and there, but you simply can't wait to share them with all the friends and family... well, that shouldn't be an issue now!

Today, Nikon unveiled their latest digital camera: the Coolpix S800c. It is no ordinary camera however. Operating on Android's 3.2 Gingerbread software, the S800c allows you to share your photos and videos in an instant via your downloaded apps or browser over any Wi-Fi network.

The Key Specs:

- 10x Nikkor zoom lens (25-250mm)

- 16-megapixel Backside Illuminated (BSI) CMOS

- Lens VR (Vibration Reduction)

- HD 1080p videos

- 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen

- Wi-Fi Connectivity

-1.7GB of internal memory for pictures and movies and 680MB for applications


- 3.2 Gingerbread Android OS

For those who constantly record videos for YouTube, we can see this as being a very viable option. 18 scene modes and creative filters are also at your disposal, should you happen to be pre-disposed to spicing your snaps up.

You can snap this unique camera up for $349.95/£379.99 in September. Four colours are also on offer: black, white, red or silver.

In a world where people are eager to share their latest moments with their nearest and dearest, a simple smartphone doesn't always suffice, and this is the area in which Nikon are exploiting with their Coolpix S800c. Snap and share.

Source: PhotographyBlog