Apple Exec: Siri-powered TV not coming soon

Apple Exec: Siri-powered TV not coming soon

Apple executive Eddy Cue has implied that a Siri-powered Apple television set isn't coming soon, according to Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves. “The key problems in the television market are the poor quality of the user interface and the forced bundling of pay TV content, in our view,” it said in his note. ”While Apple could almost certainly create a better user interface, Mr. Cue’s commentary suggested that this would be an incomplete solution from Apple’s perspective unless it could deliver content in a way that is different from the current multichannel pay TV model.”

Crest also added that Apple would struggle to acquire cable and broadcast rights. “The content is owned by a relatively small group of companies that have little interest in alternative models for their most valuable content, the differences in regional broadcast content and the lack of scale internationally also create significant hurdles that do not seem possible to cross at this point.”

This doesn't rule out that Apple is working on a television set, however it shows that Apple could put it on the back burner until all the deals come into place.

Source: Fortune