Eco-Friendly Gadgets and Apps

Eco-Friendly Gadgets and Apps
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We have all heard the warnings. The Earth is getting warmer, the icecaps are melting and the hole in the ozone layer is frighteningly large, leaving us vulnerable to dangerous rays. The best way to help is to decrease the amount of energy we consume, in everything from driving to heating your home and office. But what are we to do when the gadgets we love, these energy-hungry devices, stand between us and our eco goals? Take a look at these eco-friendly apps and gadgets to discover ways to help the environment and feed your inner techie.

You can do your part in decreasing your carbon footprint by educating yourself and using helpful carbon-tracking apps via your mobile phones!

The apps for a green lifestyle

- ShopGreen, an app for BlackBerry phones, allows you to calculate your carbon footprint based on your transport, home activities, shopping and recycling patterns. Your carbon footprint is calculated by measuring the amount of greenhouse gases produced by your activities. This is significant because an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere raises the Earth’s temperature, destroys certain ecosystems and changes weather patterns. Since 1750 there has been a 36 percent increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. This handy app also recommends what you can do to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Your carbon emission levels are saved in an eco-bank so you can see your progress over time.

The app is for those who are interested in biking to work and making friends in the process. This app helps you form car pools for bikers to stay safe and make similarly eco-minded friends.

The app helps you with finding the nearest public recycling bin. Yes, it may take a bit more effort to find a recycling can than throwing your rubbish in the bin, but it is worth it.

Project Noah has created an app that helps everyone become an environmental scientist. It works by having users upload their photos of flora and fauna in order to contribute to various wildlife missions, from tracking bird habitats to spider patterns.

The Love Food Hate Waste app tries to prevent unnecessary food waste by allowing you to input any ingredients you may have in your refrigerator and it generates recipe suggestions for you.

The next time you are considering updating the apps on your BlackBerry Bold 3 mobile phone, make environmental awareness a priority. If you want to take your efforts a step further, consider purchasing bamboo or solar products.

Bamboo products

Using bamboo products is a great way to live in an environmentally friendly way, as bamboo is such a renewable product. The material is also very malleable and durable, which is perfect for a rough and tumble lifestyle.

- Check out the iZen bamboo keyboard. It is handmade out of 92 percent bamboo, this innovative keyboard is Bluetooth enabled and can even be recycled.

- The Silva LTD Custom Bamboo Macbook Pro Case is made from a single bamboo sheet and looks sleek and sophisticated. It is a perfect combination of style and functionality.

- The Wired Bamboo Mice by Bambooki can have you clicking away in style and are made entirely of bamboo. They have even been dyed in shades of grey and black to look more like their plastic counterparts.

Solar products

- Or perhaps you would be interested in this Solar 15 backpack by CrossKase. This backpack can power your mobile phone and camera on the go. It has a three watt solar panel which uses both sun and artificial light to charge your gadgets. It can fully charge your mobile phone and game console in about six hours in sunlight.

- You can also get a SolarKindle Lighted Cover for your Amazon Kindle. This cover is manufactured by US firm SolarFocus and uses direct sunlight and solar energy to charge the Kindle’s battery.

These are all great ways to help in the conservation of our environment. Whether you purchase a bamboo product or download an eco-designed app, remember that every little bit helps.