PokerStars Mobile Poker Review
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PokerStars which launched in 2001, and began real money wargering in December of the same year, is the largest online poker cardroom in the word with almost 50 million players at the start of 2012. PokerStars also has more daily tournaments than any other poker site or live card room website in the world. But did you know you can even play PokerStars on your smartphone or tablet?

The PokerStars Mobile Poker app for iOS and Android is perfect for poker players who love to play on the go with its simple but attractive interface that is super easy to pick up and start playing. During a game the app will show you all the players you are currently up against , how much they currently have in play and your gaming options such as Fold, Check and raising to the amount you want, of course you can always leave the game whenever you want. The app not only lets you play for real money against players at your own skill level, but you can play for free with play money if you aren't quite ready for the challenge, a great way for beginners to start.

The app features the same great features and support that you're used to from PokerStars, offering the the choice of millions of players to battle across the world. The app also includes the PokerStars web cashier which allows you keep track of the money you've earned during games, and make real money deposits from your bank account straight into the game while out and about.

PokerStars offers various versions of poker inlcluding Texas hold'em, Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Five-card draw, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw, HORSE, Badugi, HOSE, Mixed Hold'em, Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo, 8-Game Mix, Triple Stud and and Mixed Games which rotate through several, so it's likely be appeal to almost any poker player. PokerStars also offers a new Poker called Poker Zoom which is a fast fold ring game where opponents must change every hand they play on each turn. This offers players more hands than the regular ring game.

The app works on many Android smartphone devices as well as iPhone, iPod touch and even iPad for a much bigger experience. You can grab the iOS version over on the Apple App Store and the Android version over at the PokerStars website. You can also play PokerStars on your Windows and Mac computer by downloading the desktop app which offers the same great features as the mobile client.

Overall the PokerStars Mobile Poker app is great for both experts and new comers, even if you aren't playing for real cash. The varied amount of Poker games will keep you entertained for a long time and I've yet to see anyone do a better job at Poker.

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