Sony Xperia T Review: Bond's new phone

Sony's latest flagship smartphone is the Android powered Xperia T, it's also Bond's phone of choice of device in Skyfall, but is it for you? The device comes in at a height of 5.1 inches, 2.6 inches in width, 0.4 inches thick and weighs 0.3 pounds, the back of the device is plastic but feels a little rubbery, it's slightly curved which not only makes the device look great but makes it feel very nice in the hand. The device features a clear and bright 4.55-inch LCD display with a PPI of 323 and a resolution of 1280 x 720, it looks gorgeous and crisp. On top of the device is a headphone socket, on the left is the charging port and on the right side is a power button, volume rocker and a camera button, unusually these are placed on the bottom right of the device rather than the top which is pretty awkward at first, although not a major concern.

The device is powered by a dual core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Krait MSM8260-A and  1GB of RAM, while not the most powerful phone on the market, from my testing it was fluid in everything I tried and ran a variety of games just fine. On the rear of the device we have a 13 megapixel shooter with LED flash, autofocus and 1080p video capture, on the front we have a 1.3 megapixel camera with 720p video capture. The rear camera captures bright clear images, does does a good job in most situations including low light thanks to Sony's Exmor R for mobile CMOS, however I still find that it doesn't match the iPhone camera in terms of photo quality. The battery is a 1,850mAh which in testing lasted me just less than a day. An SD card slot is also available on the Xperia T which should make big downloaders happy.

The device ships with Android 4.04 Ice cream Sandwich with Sony's custom Xperia 'skin' over the top. While I usually loathe customisations of Android, Sony's is actually pretty nice looking and well polished, it also adds some nice features such as sharing files on your homescreens with a swipe to the top and arranging apps in orders such as alphabetical and most used.  However due to it not being the latest version of Android you will miss out on things such as expandable notifications, Google Now and the new camera features. The Xperia T is a good phone for gamers as it's also a PlayStation Certified smartphone, giving access to the PlayStation Store.

Other features of the device include the ability to view your 1080 HD video captures and photographs on your television set, NFC content sharing, HD Voice which makes call quality super clear, even in noisy environments,  the WALKMAN app which lets you listen to music, create playlists, see what your friends are listening to and use Music Unlimited which has the choice of millions songs.


Overall this is one of the best Android devices I've tested. Sony has done an awesome job with both the hardware and the software, it looks great and runs smoothly. Some may be put off by the lack of Android Jelly Bean, however general consumers likely won't care too much. For me it's defiantly an all around better experience than any of Samsung's latest devices, but if you already own an Xperia S is isn't that much of an improvement so it wouldn't be worth the upgrade.

The device also comes with 50GB of free storage for life (offer ends 31 December 2012) and 60 days of Music Unlimited.

A big thank you to Vodafone UK for supplying the device. You can check out contract plans for the device right here.