How British Gas Smart Meters Will Save You Money

How British Gas Smart Meters Will Save You Money
british gas smart meters

British Gas smart meters help you to see the gas and electricity you are using, but what are the positives to having one installed? British Gas commissioned Oxford Economics to investigate the real value of smart meters and they found British homes and businesses could be almost £14 billion better off thanks to smart meters. The report analysed the costs and benefits of smart meters from 2012 to 2030 and found that the benefits of smart meters could total £25.3 billion. This includes £11.2 billion in energy savings for households and businesses, £10.7 billion in efficiency saving for energy suppliers (with the report expecting much of these savings being passed onto consumers), and £3.2 billion in generation related savings, which means lower energy demand reduces the amount of energy generated and used for consumption, with savings being made from reduced costs around the trading of carbon.

Because you'll be in control of the energy that you use it means that you can cut down on any waste and make efficient decisions on how to manage your budget well. Providing personalised energy advice will save the average household £60 on their yearly bill.

When you have a British Gas smart meter installed you'll also get a smart energy monitor for free that will show your energy consumption (near real time as well as weekly and monthly intervals) and how much it's likely going to cost you. You can also set targets or receive a suggested target based on a few questions so that you can stay in control of your energy and money. Another great advantage is that smart meters send readings back to British Gas once a day automatically, which means you'll mostly receive accurate instead of estimated bills and you won't be bothered by meter readers either.

Getting your smart meters

Once your home is ready for the upgrade, British Gas will contact you and their trained experts will exchange your meters for smart meters, show you how to use your Smart Energy Monitor and show you how to save on your bills with handy advice. No upfront cost is required for the exchange, you will only pay for your smart meters through your energy bills in the way that you do for current meters. Both your gas and electricity meters will normally fitted at the same appointment, and will take about 90 minutes to complete. If your meter is outside you will still need to be present during the exchange so that British Gas can help you fully understand how to make the most out of the smart meter.

Once installed you will receive a welcome message from British Gas through your smart energy monitor, which will include the telephone number for customer support. You'll also still be able to receive your nectar points but you will no longer need to submit them online due to automatic readings.

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