PlayStation 4: Revealed Feb 20th, controller with touchpad?
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Sony last night revealed a video that strongly suggets that the PlayStation 4 will be shown off on February 20th at an event which they have dubbed 'see the future'. Now sources claim the new PlayStation will be more powerful than the next Xbox, will ship with a redesigned controller that features a touchpad display and be released in early 2014.

The sources claim that the new controller will be the same size as the DualShock but feature a small touchpad in place of the existing Start, Select and PS buttons, and it will allow screenshots and video to of gaming activity to be shared online. The PS4 hardware will apparently record the most recent 15 minutes of action automatically, which users will be able to edit and push to the internet.

The sources are also claiming that the PlayStation 4 will launch in Japan and in the US this Christmas, with Europe getting the console in early 2014, and that the PlayStation 4 will come with an improved version of the PlayStation Eye.