Review: A Good Day To Die Hard
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John McClane travels to Russia to help his son, only to discover that he is a CIA operative working to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist. This causes them to team up against the bad guys.

Now I'm a massive fan of both Bruce Willis and the Die Hard series and have been looking forward to this for a while, unfortunately it disappointed me greatly. The usual Die Hard humour isn't here, when any jokes do come they feel forced and awkward. The interesting story isn't here either, it lacks any wow factor or tension. While some of the action scenes look great, the shaky camera used through many of them is horrible and highly distracting. The 12A certificate didn't help the movie either and while gore and swearing don't make a film better, the obvious avoidance of it sure did make it worse.

Sure I got some entertainment out of this, but it isn't Die Hard. Director John Moore needs to stay away from any future Die Hard movies, and any other films for that matter. After making a terrible film adaption of Max Payne and a horrible remake of The Omen you think he would of been avoided.

2½ out of 5