Sony's PlayStation 4: Rumour round-up

Sony's PlayStation event is today (20th Feb) in NYC and is highly likely to be show off a brand new console. But what have we heard so far?


Different specs for the console have circulated around the web, but the most common is that it will feature an AMD64 Bulldozer CPU with eight cores, an AMD GPU, 8GB of RAM, 2.2GB of video memeory, a 160GB hard drive, Blu-Ray drive and four USB 3.0 ports.

New Controller

Last week Destructoid got it’s hands on a photo of what appears to be the controller for the PlayStation 4, featuring a small touchscreen or touchpad which could be pretty handy if it was used for things for things such as swapping weapons in your favourite FPS, or adding extra buttons and options. Let us not forgot that weird blue light on the top, could it be Move integration?

Now this could very well be fake, but it does match with previous reports and the image also seems to feature a dev kit in the background. This controller could also just be an early version, so if real it could change quite a bit.


A rumour claiming that the PS4 will allow simultaneous users has also been spread around. It will apparently allow user accounts to link to a controller so that multiple users can receive trophies during co-op and multiplayer.

The Name

The codename is reportedly Orbis and many would assume it will be called PlayStation 4, however some rumours have suggested Sony will drop having a number completely. Whether they call it just PlayStation or something different is still unknown.

Kills Second-Hand Games

Many sources have claimed that Sony's new PlayStation will kill the second-hand game market by requiring some sort of serial code that ties the game to the players user ID. This could be very risky so I expect it will be turn out that either both Microsoft and Sony do it or neither do it.

Take all this with a pinch of salt until we likely find out what PlayStation will be like later on today. You'll be able to watch it live here.