Not got a tablet yet? Here's why you need one

Not got a tablet yet? Here's why you need one
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So you're well aware of these fancy tablets but just haven't decided to pick one up yet? Well why not? Tablets are super portable, can be very powerful and offer you so many things to do. Many companies make tablets such as Sony with its Xperia™ Tablet range, and they can come in all sorts of sizes and designs. But what do you need a tablet for ?

Apps and Games

Your tablet app store offers thousands of applications for you to download, including games with amazing graphics, business utilities such as word and spread sheet processors, photo and video editing tools, and news readers.

Social media

You can download social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to interact with family and friends no matter where you are. Many apps are also available that allow you to voice and video call them too.

Web browser

It doesn't matter if an app doesn't exist for a website you love as with the browser you can visit the entire world wide web in comfort thanks to the tablet form factor.


Want to watch your favourite movie or television series? Or listen to your favourite musical artist? You can do that right on your tablet using a wide choice of applications, from regular players to streaming players. A good example being Music Unlimited featured on Xperia™ Tablet computers. If you love reading you'll love a tablet to! Most tablets offer a wide selection of old and new books for you to read.

Tablets are for everyone

Tablets are truly for everyone, every form of entertainment is covered and with tablets eating away at desktop PC sales it's only a matter of time before everyone has one.

Check out the awesome infographic below on what people do with tablets and be sure to let us know in the comments below what your reasons would be.

Tablet Sony - Infographic Xperia™ Tablet

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