iFixit rips open a Pebble smartwatch, finds it not very repairable

iFixit has ripped apart the Pebble smartwatch to find out how repairable it actually is. They found that while nothing much is actually inside a Pebble, the inaccessible battery limits life of the device to 6 to 10 years and that it's impossible to open the device without destroying or comprosming its waterproofing, which makes internal repairs not really possible. On the positive they say that the low power consumption decreases the frequency of charges so it increases the battery life, and the watch strap is replaceable as the one provided is just a regular one.

iFixit contacted Pebble's design team about end-of-life recycling, Pebble said they are currently making plans for responsible recycling for dead Pebbles. View the entire tear-down right here.

Source: iFixit