Twitterrific for iOS updated with push notifications & profile headers

Twitterrific for iOS has been updated to version 5.2. With the update we finally get Push Notifications, however they are rolling out to groups of 1,000 users over the next few weeks so you may not be able to get them just yet. Understandable due to the amount of users that will likely jump on at once.

Twitter profile headers are now implemented on user profiles, giving a nice visual flair and discussions can now be shared via email or Storify.

As well as many bug fixes improvements in the app include:

  • Droplr thumbnails in the timeline.
  • Text size of muffled items scales according to the theme you have set.
  • The timeline can now load up to 600 tweets at a time.
  • Additional actions, such as muffling, are now available when avatars are hidden.
  • New compose shortcut: type "@" after username  to prevent auto-compete.
  • Load more button now animates.
  • Improved behaviour when restoring selected timeline with multiple accounts.
  • Improved formatting when emailing a tweet or group of tweets.
  • Improved rotation performance on iPhone and iPad.
  • Improved display performance when muffling.
  • Multiple in-app notifications will no longer overlap.
  • Various changes to make VoiceOver less verbose
  • Various UI tweaks

You can grab the update from your Updates tab or purchase Twitter over on the App Store.