Your chance to win a real spaceflight with KLM
space trip klm

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline has announced a brand new campaign called 'Claim your place in space' to support the Space Expedition Corporation, a space project that is aiming to launch the first commercial space trip in 2014 from Curacao,  an island in the southern Caribbean Sea.

So what's in it for you? Well you could win a real spaceflight and see a chance to see the ambition that goes into KLM.

So how can you win? Well on April 22, KLM will launch a special high altitude balloon from the Nevada desert, USA. It will carry GPS and cameras and they'll follow its exact position in space. The balloon will eventually pop and come back down to earth on a parachute. What you have to do is predict online where the balloon will reach its highest point. The person who gets the closest prediction will win a flight for two to Curacao, a stay at a luxury hotel and of course an amazing spaceslight on the SXC Lynx spaceship.

To particiate and to find out more information head over here.