Top tips for a more compelling commute

Top tips for a more compelling commute The daily commute; possibly the worst part of any worker’s day, crammed in on public transport either wishing you were still in bed or waiting to get a hot meal and back to bed. Aside from stuffing in your earphones and playing Angry Birds, you may find yourself wondering how to make the commute a more bearable experience. Well, it’s time to put your smartphone to better use.

Take A Gamble

Beat those early morning blues by winning big at the poker table. The virtual table that is! There is a vast array of mobile apps these days allowing the wily commuter to make a bit of extra cash on the way to work. PokerStars offers a variety of game types and provide these options in the form of its mobile apps for both iOS and Android, with all the features of its successful online poker room, what’s more you can brush up on your poker strategy here.

Beat The Clock

If the poker stakes are a bit too high for you, why not see if you can beat the clock in a test of general knowledge? Naturally there are many of these apps doing the rounds right now, but one which recently caught my attention is the app 94 Seconds. The premise is simple; you’re given a category and the first letter of a word and left to guess a suitable word. You need to get as many as you can within the time limit, and points are awarded for exceptional vocabulary skills. Check it out, it’s highly addictive.

Just Watch TV!

Excited for the final half of the last season of Breaking Bad and want to relive the epic ending of season 4? Or perhaps fancy some light-hearted comedy to take you away from your crowded bus/ train carriage? Maybe your journey to work is so gruellingly long you can fit an entire movie in before you disembark! Whichever it is, Netflix has got your back. If you’re lucky enough to have 4G on your phone or even a solid HDSPA connection you can happily join your favourite characters on the go. Not only that, but Netflix are going from strength to strength having recently released their original series, the phenomenal House of Cards.

And that’s that. Three easy ways to make your commute something to look forward to, or perhaps hate a little bit less. Hey, if you take the poker option you could even make enough to quit your job altogether! A man can only dream.