Google Glass appears on eBay for $90,000
google glass ebay

Update: Looks like the listing has been taken down with eBay stating 'This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.'  A supposed listing for a Google Glass Explorer Edition has appeared on eBay and at the time of writing this post it has reached a whopping $90,000. It's impossible to tell if the sale or the actual bids are real, but the seller does say they can prove it's legitimate by sending a screenshot of him/her being contacted by Google on Twitter.

I was selected to try Google Glass. I was contacted via twitter and can send a screen shot. I will get details in a few weeks to pick them up!

Google doesn't seem to state that Glass Explorer Editions can't be sold on, however we have heard that backers had to sign an NDA so we aren't sure if this could prove to cause complications.

Source: eBay