Trends, Favestar, App Badges come to Twitterrific for iOS
twitterrific logo

Popular iOS Twitter app Twitterrific has been updated to version 5.2.1 with some neat new features. Favstar is now integrated into Twitterrfic, which is a 3rd-party service that allows the viewing of a tweets favourites and retweets as well as a users most popular tweets. Twitter trends are in the new version and can be viewed by going to Sidebar > Search > Tweets. From user feedback App Badges are also now present which can be enabled in iOS Settings > Notification Center, using these will also clear messages from Notification Center.

Other improvements include faster tweet loading time, support for Twitter stock symbols, search interface remembers last selected tab, new tweet count remains on screen until the timeline is scrolled, home timeline will auto-refresh when posting a new tweet or DM, automatic theme changing now based on dawn/dust at your location, compose gesture: one-finger swipe left/right to adjust cursor, Voice-Over now speaks muffled tweet descriptions, Holding time position improved when using VoiceOver, photo viewing can be dismissed using VoiceOver's two-finger Z gesture, and many bug fixes.

Another great update to an awesome app which you should check out if you haven't already. Grab it or update it on the App store.