Fliite for iPhone brings group messaging to Twitter

Fliite for Twitter has launched for  iPhone today, an app that allows you to send group messages on the social network. First you write out your tweet with the option to add location and an image, swipe right to choose the friends (maximum of 10) you wish it to go to (pull down to pick friends from a different list) then swipe right again for a summary of what you are about to send. You'll then be greeted with a preview card, a simple push up on the this will then send the tweet individually to each of the people you selected, this allows you to not worry about the 140 character limit.

The app has a minimal but lovely interface that fits into iOS well and has is super easy to use. Oh and if you're not a fan of linen you can always select a different background.

Fliite is a fantastic app if you want to meet up with a group of friends or need to get an important message to several people at once. You can grab Fliite for Twitter right now over on the App Store for £0.69.