Path is adding 1 million users a week
path 1 million week

Path the journal and more personal social network is now adding 1 million registered users per week, with most growth occuring in English-speaking parts of the population after significant growth in South and Central America according to Co-Founder and CEO Dave Morin. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal he said that the growth started with Venezuela, with 500,000 users in a weekend. It then spread to Central America, Mexico and then the Caribbean before reaching Spanish speakers in the United States.

Path has shot up the App Store charts and is starting to climb the top-grossing charts to thanks filters and stickers added in the last update which can be set to friends. Morin wouldn't comment on how much the company was making but he did say that they're “doing quite well, better than we expected.”

If you have yet to check out Path you can get it right now for free on Google Play and the App Store.

Source: The Wall Street Journal