Heineken - The Road to the Final

Heineken - The Road to the Final
road to the final

The quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League are heating up with the second-leg on its way, but who will win the battle? Heineken has revealed its new campaign called "The Final" along with the Road to the Final game to get everyone excited about it.

The new Heineken ad which you can watch below features one very lucky fan who has received a ticket to the UEFA Champions League Final, but he has a big problem, he's on the other side of the world and faces a race against time to get to the  Football game. Will he use his brain & cunning skills to get to the match on time? You'll have to watch to find out! If he does he'll be rewarded with an awesome football experience with a sweet pitch side seat at the iconic Wembley stadium in London, England.

The Road to the Final game on Facebook is an easy to play, fun, fast paced, pinball type of game that features elements from the Heineken ad below. You'll have to flick the on-screen fingers to try and score goals, hit the targets and also get the best score you can. Space bar will launch your ball, while the left and right directional buttons will move each finger. Another fun element is that players can compete against each other on Facebook in order to earn social kudos and merit. Will you be the best out of your friends? Try Road the Final game on Facebook to find out.