Top 7 Apps to Increase Your Productivity

We all need help with productivity and keeping on track these days. While the Internet has provided us with thousands of useful resources, it is also something of a time suck. It is easy to get trapped in a cycle of wasted time by visiting website after website until the day is half gone.  The same issue is true for mobile devices. While they can help make work easier, they can also cause distractions and waste time. However, if you implement the services of the following 7 apps, you will waste less time and take control of your days once more.

Waste No Time

Waste No Time is a productivity tracking app for Google Chrome. The app allows users to set sites that they want to block during certain times of day. The app also tracks the amount of time you spend on time-wasting sites, like Facebook or Buzzfeed. This app is free to download, but will only work on the computer.


Wunderlist is a combination computer/phone app. The app is a calendar that keeps track of you to-do list no matter where you are. You can set up appointments, set reminders, and set up alerts for the various projects and due dates in your life. Wunderlist is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.


Evernote is the ultimate notepad. With Evernote, you can gather information about things you want to remember throughout the day. You can write notes, set up a to-do list, record voice memos, take photos, and find things fast. Evernote can even read handwritten information. Evernote syncs between the computer and all mobile devices. This app is available for the computer, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and WebOS.


Postling allows you to mange all social media accounts from one place. Postling is ideal for both personal and business users. Postling is available for iPhone and will soon be available for Android.


Textexpander is an unusual app that allows users to create shortcuts for commonly used phrases. When you enter the shortcut, the app automatically fills in the missing information. This can save up to 20 percent of your typing time, which is highly useful for businesses that often repeat information. Textexpander is available for Mac computers and for iOS devices. 


Dropbox is a content sharing service for Android, iOS systems, the computer, Blackberry, and the Kindle. Dropbox works by syncing all of your data in one place. Access any of your Dropbox data from anywhere to increase productivity and eliminate file attachments.


Things is a productivity-boosting app for iOS devices. It is an organizational system for task lists. You can set up due-dates, reminders, and determine which lists are most important using the various click here buttons in the app.

Productivity is important on a business and social level. Whether you want to manage your personal day better or need help organizing business tasks, these apps can help you get your life back on track and stay organized for good.