Sony redesigns entry-level notebooks, names them 'Fit'
vaio fit

Finding it hard to keep up with Sony's naming schemes? Well Sony has been trying to make things clearer. Sony is brading its entry-level notebooks fit for the back-to-school season as 'Fit.' The 'Fit' line replaces the entry-level E series and many of the T line and includes both low (Fit 14E, Fit 15E) and high end models (Fit 14, Fit 15). The series will be available this month at vary in price from $550 to $2,210.

The Fit series will NFC, backlit keyboards, 1080p displays (excluding the 14-inch Fits) and Sony Exmor R webcams for better low-light performance. The Fit and Fit E will be offered with optional NVIDIA GT 740M (1GB or 2GB), touch screens, optical drives and a choice between an i3, i5 and i7 processor.