No next-gen EA Games for Wii U
wii u

EA's Frostbite 3 engine which most  of the company's next generation games run on won't be supported by Nintendo's Wii U. Technical Director of the Frostbite project at EA DICE, Johan Andersson, says the company tested Frostbite 2 on the console and found the results to be "not too promising" concluding them to "not to go down [the] path" with Frostbite 3. This means games such as Battlefield 4, Madden NFL, new Star Wars and the new Mass Effect won't be coming to Wii U.

While EA may not be doing well with customer service at the moment this is still a massive blow to a console that needs as much content as possible, especially heavy hitters from EA.

Source: NeoGAF, @repi