BT may launch self 4G mobile service in 2014
bt 4g mobile
The Telegraph reports that the Chief Executive of BT, Ian Livingston says that it's "highly possible" that BT-branded SIM cards would be customers' smartphones in 2014, with bills being paid as part of thier package of other services. This would mean BT would be entering the mobile business for the first time in 12 years.

On the potential move Livingston said that by offering the coverage via a mobile operator when customers are outside, its 4G network would provide better coverage in homes via the new Home Hub.

Mr Livingson said: “We can build effectively an internal, very cheap 4G network which would reduce the cost of using 4G to download data indoors, including when customers are not in their own home." BT's network of public Wi-Fi hotspots will also be upgraded to provide 4G access. He also added that they would offer consumers savings compared with other 4G networks.

Source: Telegraph