Windows Phone overtakes BlackBerry
windows phone blackberry

Marketing research from IDC about the latest quarterly shipments in the smartphone marketshare that Windows Phone has overtaken BlackBerry marketshare for the first time. During Q1 2013, Windows Phone devices accounted for 3.2 percent of all smartphones shipped, while BlackBerry came to 2.9 percent of the market. In comparison last quarter was 2.6 for Windows Phone and 3.2 percent for BlackBerry. Of course BlackBerry could easily jump back over Windows Phone in the next quarter, but whatever happens it must be pretty painful for BlackBerry to see a OS that is deemed to be struggling creeping on their turf.

Android and iOS on the other hand take up the rest of the market. Android taking 75 percent of all smartphones and iOS devices taking 17.3 percent. However we must remember that iOS is exclusive to Apple devices so it won't have the marketshare penetration of Android, however Apple still remains the most profitable smartphone manufacturer.

Source: Business Wire