Apple's iOS 7: Everything you need to know
ios 7

Apple has just announced iOS 7, and boy is it a massive and gorgeous change in design. According to the company it's the biggest change to the operating system since the original iPhone.

The new design is more flatter with slim fonts, smooth animations and pops of colour. All the stock apps have been redesigned, getting rid of the skeuomorphism that most of us have grown to hate. iOS 7 has a new sliding gesture system which allows users to swipe backwards to go to a previous app, this will make things a lot quicker. Notification Center has also been redesign with the ability to control how many notifications you can view at once and the ability to access it right from the lockscreen.


Multitasking is now a beautiful card based system, much like webOS had. It has been updated to support all apps and allows them to update in the background without affecting battery life. Multitasking also has smart features that update certain apps based on a users usage day or when you have a weaker/stronger network signal. Push notifications can bow cause apps to update in the background to so users are much less likely to wait.

Control Center 

Control Center is a brand new menu in iOS 7 which can be accessed by swiping up and gives access to commonly used functions such as Wi-Fi, brightness, music, airplane mode and more.

Photos / Camera

The camera has a brand new UI which adds filters and new gestures to access different camera modes. The photos app now allows users to view images by date and an view photos that have been taken in certain years and places. Additionally it features pop-up previews of images as well as sharing video through iCloud,


Safari looks much cleaner and features full-screen browsing and gesture navigation  as well as a card tab overview that seems much quicker to flick through than previous method. You can now also perform searches straight from the address bar.


Siri gets rid of the linen for a much more sleek flat design and has been upgraded with new voices for male and female in English as well as French or German. Apple says more languages are being added over time. Siri also has new voice control functions such as controlling brightness, bluetooth, searching Bing, Wikipedia and even Twitter.


AirDrop is a brand new feature in iOS 7 which allows you to share photos and videos to other iOS users who are close by. It will work on iphone 5, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad and iPad mini.

iOS in Car

iOS in Car will now allow iOS on car screens in some games coming in 2014 which allow you to control calls, play music, look up directions and more, all using Siri.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is a brand new feature in Music which is Apple's answer to services such as Rdio and Spotify. iTunes Radio lets you choose songs to listen to, to stream and create radio stations based on those artists or albums and genres. It will be free with ads, and iTunes Match subscribers can listen to it ad-free.

Other stuff

Other updates in iOS 7 include the ability to show what apps are popular for where you currently are, automatic app updates, notification syncing across Apple devices, FaceTime audio calls over Wifi, the ability to block calls and messages, better mail search.

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