Sponsored Video: V-Hab - The online troll rehabilitation clinic

Sponsored Video: V-Hab - The online troll rehabilitation clinic
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We've all come across internet trolls, they don't see to care who they insult or what they say, they are taking over the internet, Trolls will post inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages on social networks, blogs and even on videos. It's time we put a stop to this before trolls make the jump from the virtual world to the real world. The mission is to find these trolls and get them treated at the online troll rehabilitation clinic at V-Hab.com. V-Energy created the V-Hab clinic, which takes users on a immersive journey to diagnose and treat different forms of online trollisms. Users will go through various steps to diagnose what form of trollism they may have. Impressively one converts negative troll comments into positive comments.

Once they've got all the anger out, users will be taken to the Diagnostic Room to see what type of troll they are dealing with. V-Energy has also created the 'De-troll Your life' browser extension that will extend the comment convertor to all parts of the Internet. Last but not least users can try the 'Troll Intervention' to silence the worst troll friends they have on Facebook.

We need to make the Internet a nicer place to be and silence the trolls. Check out the video below which uses real online abuse from platforms such as Twitter, online gaming and YouTube, to see what could happen if we don't take control.

This post is sponsored by V-Energy Drink however all opinions are that of the author.