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Sony's new range of Headphones are here and have been engineered for the best sound quality and comfort that consumers need. Sony has made sure that with its new range it offers options to many different types of people. I myself have owned Sony headphones in the past and can say they really do deliver.

Prestige Headband

Image Source: Sony Website

The pretige headband series of headphones have been built for those who want the best and most precise audio with an overhead fit. These have been developed in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment artists and mastering engineers, so you know that you'll have a fantastic sound experience.

These are the types of headphones I myself would choose if looking for a new set, not only due to the quality of sound but also the technology behind them.

Here's some indepth details to help you figuire out which ones would be right for you:

MDR-1R - These are standard headphones that come with a 40mm liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm and 4Hz-80kHz HD driver units.

MDR-1RBT - You'll love these if you hate wires as these are completely wireless with Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility, NFC and an impressive 30-hour battery life.

MDR-1RNC - These headphones are noise-cancelling with a dual noise sensor so you won't hear anything other than your music. Fantastic when in a busy enviroment such as public transport. They also come with Sony's Digital Sound Enhancement Engine.

Don't like headphones? Well Sony also offers earphones in its pretige range such as the XBA-4 which has balanced Armature with double the bass and treble, or the XBA-1iP which delivers crystal-clear vocals, something that I always look out for.


Image Source: Sony Website

Sony's anywhere Headphones and earphones are both high-quality and suitable for when you're out and about. They combine style and clear sound thanks to Sony's headphone engineers. The Anywhere series offers a great choice on in-ear earphones as well as over-ear headband headphones and even over-ear neckband headphones.

I have had experience with Sony's in-earphones and I was very impressed, they are definitely worth upgrading to from the ones you got with your phone or MP3 player.

EXTRA BASS and DJ headphones

Image Source: Sony Website

If you're a DJ or even looking to be one, headphones in this series may be what you're looking for. DJ headphones give you great design as well as fantastic sound quality, and EXTRA BASS headphones give you a deep and more detailed response at low frequencies. EXTRA BASS are also fantastic for listening to hip hop music.

Sony offers a wide range of these headphones with many prices so you should find something for you.


Sony offers a fantastic range of different headphones and earphones for different types of people, from wireless, to sporting, and even noise cancelling. From my experience Sony is a top player in the headphone and earphone market and you should definitely consider them when on the look out for a new pair.

From looking at the range which headphones/earphones do you prefer? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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