Rockstar Games reveals more about GTA V

In an Asked & Answered session on its Newswire today, Rockstar has revealed some interesting new things that will be coming in the highly anticipated GTA V. The game will use every ounce of processing power available in current generation consoles and in order to provide the best possible experience the game will have installation requirements on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For Xbox 360, Grand Theft Auto V will ship on two discs; Disc 1 will be used for a one-time mandatory install and Disc 2 will be used to play the game. After the installation, gamers will be able to enjoy both GTA V and the online modes without needing to switch discs.  For PlayStation 3, the game ships on one disc and will install content as soon as you insert the game.

Real-time character switching

Players will be able to switch playable characters in real-time when not on a mission, you can drop in and out of their lives letting you see what they're up to. Rockstar says that because each character is on their own schedule you will never know what they be doing.

you might drop in on Michael in the middle of a family dispute, interrupt Franklin chatting up some ladies, or Trevor on the run from the law – or whatever else these guys do in their free time... How and when you switch between characters when you’re not on a mission is completely up to you.

Each character will also have their own side jobs and missions, and at times you'll play as one character, or as combinations of two or all three of them.

Customisable weapons and vehicles

We've seen customisable vehicles in GTA before, but GTA V will also include weapons that can be customised. Rockstar Games says that both will be very customisable  with a range of weapon upgrades as well as very deep car customisation.

Some other interesting things

Rockstar Games also confirmed that a physical copy of the world map will come with the game, however it will be double sided due to the sheer size of playable area. Also it will be a joy to many that an official gameplay video is on they way. I for one can't wait.

Source: Rockstar Games