Vine iOS updated with channels, new capture tools & revining
vine new 2013

Vine has been updated to what Twitter is calling the biggest update yet, and included are some very nice new features which make the experience much better.


You can now browse and submit your posts to 15 brand new channels which include Comedy, Music, Food, Sports, and even "wier d."

On the rise

On the rise is under the Discover tab and allows you to see Vines that are gaining popularity.


Exactly what it sounds like. You can now share your favourite posts by other users to your stream, just like a Twitter retweet.

New capture tools

You can now finally manually focus using the new focus button, a grid has been added to better align shots, and the new ghost tool allows you to get your next shot in the same position as the last.

Protected accounts

You'll now also be able to have a protected account, again much like Twitter, you can keep your videos private and only allow those you want on your friends list.

Other updates

• Fixed an issue that caused the camera to focus unnecessarily while recording • Improved cache control and less disk space usage • Faster search for hashtags and people you mention frequently • Crash fixes and other miscellaneous improvements