Early Childhood apps to have interaction & real-time collaboration tech

Early Childhood apps to have interaction & real-time collaboration tech
chatty kidz
App developers like Chatty Kidz are turning their attention to young children and are introducing business-level collaboration technology to the next generation of mobile education content.

Recognizing that smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing the traditional books and toys of young children today, mobile app developers are turning their attention to the lucrative early childhood education market, and are bringing some of the most exciting collaboration and interaction features that have until recently only featured in apps made for adults and business.

Chatty Kidz is one such application developed by Ken Taggart from Sydney, Australia. Confronted with the difficult task of keeping his children engaged during Skype conversations, Ken came up with Chatty Kidz to create an interactive, and collaborative environment where the entire family can contribute to the child’s learning from anywhere in the world. The app features the ability to store user content in the cloud, and allow real-time collaboration between the young child and other members of the family. Simply put, it allowed Margaret to help her grandson with his homework during a face-to-face conversation even though they live 9000 miles apart and both of them are able to see one another, point, mark and zoom on the same canvas in real-time.

“Young children have very different needs when it comes to using technology and staying engaged,” said Ken Taggart. “The assumption that we can use apps made for adults, such as Skype, to the same effect with kids isn’t true. With today’s children growing up in a world where collaboration and social-media technology has entered our schools and boardrooms, it is high time that our youngest and most precious benefit from what technology has to offer.”

Apart from the cloud and collaboration features, Chatty Kidz also gives young children an introduction to one of the biggest lifestyle necessities of the 21st century – Social Media. Pioneering the first truly functional closed-loop social network for families where adults and children can safely interact with each other. Chatty Kidz helps to prepare and educate impressionable young children about social media and how to be a good digital citizen.

Chatty Kidz is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to fund new education content and collaboration tools. With over £3000 raised in 10 days, the application is poised to lead the charge for the next generation of high-tech early childhood applications.