Microsoft working on "translucent aluminium" smartwatch?
microsoft smartwatch

 Microsoft is reportedly working on a translucent aluminium smartwatch and testing has moved over to its Surface team according to sources speaking to The Verge. Microsoft is apparently gaining 1.5-inch displays from manufacturers and is prototyping devices with a Surface connector. AmongTech also reports that the company is working on a range of removable wrist bands in different colours, and The Verge has been told that these plans are accurate. AmongTech also claims that prototype watches are in an Oxynitride Aluminum case which is like a translucent aluminuim.

Some of the protoypes are said to be running a modified version of Windows 8 with a aim to allow the device to integrate with other Windows devices. AmongTech claims some prototypes of the devices have LTE data support, while some have 6GB of storage.

Source: The VergeAmongTech