Solve puzzles in Citroën Seekers and win a C4 Picasso
P4 Picasso

Citroën has brought back its Citroën Seekers which gives you a way to discover the C4 Picasso as well as the chance to win one of your very own. The C4 Picasso features a dual display touch-screen driver interface that allows control of air conditioning, media, satellite navigation, and a high definition view of information such as speed and fuel consumption. In Citroën Seeker players will have to collect markers, points, and achievements in the game from various locations around the world including Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, New York City, and Cape Town. The more you collect get the higher on the leaderboard you'll be.

The game cleverly runs on Google's street view technology so if you've used that before it will be pretty easy to get used it. You can play Citroën Seekers on mobile, tablet or desktop right over here: