Apple v. Samsung: The September Tech Battle
samsung v apple

This week it was revealed that Samsung plans to unveil its Gear smart watch and Galaxy Note 3 in September, beating Apple to the big reveal of its budget iPhone, iPad 5 and iPhone 5S. Or are they? News swiftly followed that Apple will also release its new tech in the very same month. The Samsung vs. Apple battle is ongoing, from the race to release the highest spec of tech right down to the legal battles over the details that make up these revolutionary devices. The companies seem almost neck and neck – but it’s clear they function really differently.

Samsung is constantly releasing a string of new devices. So far in 2013 they have unveiled five variations of the Galaxy S4 – the original, the S4 Zoom, S4 Active, S4 Mega and S4 Mini. The huge range of big, small, waterproof and super camera models allows Samsung to reach out to the masses, providing options for almost anyone who’s looking for a way to take advantage of the latest tech.

Apple on the other hand have a very different approach. Releasing just one iPhone a year – until this year that is. The iPhone 5S is expected to follow later in September due to production issues with the fingerprint sensor technology, while the much talked about budget iPhone and iPad 5 are expected in time to clash with Samsung.

But with so little release action so far in 2013, how is Apple continuing to be successful as a brand?

The experts at CompareMyMobile believe that this is down to Apple’s loyal following. The site compares the prices of over 40 recycling vendors in the UK and sees a huge rise in the number of iPhone models being traded-in with these companies each time a new iPhone model is released.

The site saw a 127% rise in Samsung valuations when the Galaxy S4 was released, but this wasn’t the only change. It also saw a rise in the number of HTC, BlackBerry and Windows devices being traded in as well as a small spike in Apple devices.

Current data on the site shows that Apple totally dominates the gadget trade-in market, holding 38.4% share. Samsung is eating into this share more and more by the month, probably due to its constant release of new devices, but Apple have prevailed since the launch of the site in 2009 and experts don’t expect this to change any time soon.

It will be interesting to see how the release of a budget iPhone affects these trade in statistics, as Apple are traditionally known as a creator of high-end, top devices.

Essentially, based on these figures it could be predicted that the release of any form of Apple product will initially create a consumer storm as loyal Apple fans rush to have the latest device. The tech giant could still beat Samsung in a gadget battle come September – but what we’ll really be looking out for is the success or fall of the budget iPhone.