Kicking the smoking habit = money saved

Kicking the smoking habit = money saved
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I used to smoke quite a bit when I was younger. I was aware of the health implications of it, but because I was young and impressionable, thinking it was the cool thing to do, I started to light up whenever I got together with my friends. Something else I wasn’t aware of was the impact smoking would have on my wallet.

All adding up

The cost of a packet of cigarettes every week would add up to several hundred pounds a year. As I smoked for quite a few years, I realised how much I was wasting on something which was making me feel a little ill, and decided enough was enough. Quitting smoking for good was one of the best decisions I ever made for my general wellbeing and financial health.

As I know from personal experience how costly smoking can be, I wanted to share something and added a calculator to work out how much you could save by giving up. I worked it out in my head when first considering giving up and, to my surprise, it was quite a lot! Then, for the sake of my wallet, I decided to kick it for good.