What you need to know about Google's Chromecast before you buy one
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Google's Chromecast was released just like week, and it's a dongle that plugs into your television and allows to send media from things such as Netflix to your set from your phone, tablet, or even PC or Mac. At just $35 it's a steal, but you should know these things before you purchase.

It needs a power cord

The Chromecast needs a power source, and your HDMI port won't power it no matter what version it is. Google ships a USB cable and wall plug, so you will need to plug it into a USB port in your TV, or in wall/extension socket if your TV doesn't have USB. While Google did mention this at the event, the photos and video shown don't make it clear, apart from a tiny bit of text in the ad that you likely won't notice.

Limited apps

As of publishing this post Chromecast only works with three apps; YouTube, Netflix, and Google's Play Movies & TV and Play Music apps, but hopefully more developers will begin supporting the device soon.

You can of course send Chrome tabs to your TV from the web, such as Rdio, Spotify, HBO Go, and Hulu, but anything using QuickTime or Silverlight won't work at all.

You'll need good Internet and a great WiFi signal

The Chromecast uses streaming from apps or your browser over WiFi so if you haven't got a fast connection or a great WiFi signal this gadget isn't likely to work well for you.

Many have also said that even on great connections streaming video from a Chrome browser on the web tabs can be pretty laggy, and suggest you may need to be using a powerful PC to avoid that completely.

The 3 months of free Netflix is already over

Google initially was offering 3 months of free Netflix when you purchased a Chromecast, however they sold so many devices that they ran out of Netflix codes in just one day.

Is Chromecast worth it?

Despite the negatives mentioned the price makes it totally worth it for what you get. Plus app selection is likely to improve significantly thanks to what appears to be large sales.

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