How the Tesla Model S is made [Video]

Here's a behind-the-scenes look inside the Fremont, California factory where the Tesla Model S is made with giant robotic arms. The Model S was officially launched at the factory back in June 2012. Ten buyers received their cars at the event, and Tesla set a goal to build 5,000 cars in 2012. After four weeks, Tesla announced that it had made its 100th Model S, with 74 being for customers. The remaining 26 were for test drives, testing, training and displays. In September 2012 the product rate was 80 cars per week, and in November Tesla announced it had reached a production rate of over 200 cars per week. By the end of 2012 Tesla revised their delivers down to 2,500 cars, but has 20,000 planned for 2013. By December Tesla reported that production had hit 400 units per week, and then in March this year the company reported that they had produced at average more than 500 Model S' per week.