Ubuntu Edge won't reach its goal say researchers
ubuntu edge

Ubuntu's Edge smartphone that promises to be the "next generation of personal computer" thanks it being both a phone and a desktop PC has hit $8 million on indiegogo today, and while this sounds positive, research suggests that the Ubuntu Edge won't reach its goal of $32 million in the remaining 19 days. Two researchers speaking to The Guardian say it will miss its target if pledges continue as they are. Jason Waddell and Willem Ligtenberg Open Analytics predict that it will reach between $18m and $22m.

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu edge, said:

If we don't reach our target there won't be an Ubuntu Edge. We greatly appreciate every bit of support we receive during the 30 days. The funding target takes into account the large cost of manufacturing a high-end smartphone.

Using data from Kickstarter about the typical progress of projects, Waddell and Lightenberg analysed the progress of the project and concluded that at current rates it won't reach its goal. They said on the Open Analytics blog:

Even when incorporating Kickstarter's trend of an end-of-campaign bump, the Edge is projected to fall well short of its goal

While things could increase dramatically if the project has more major coverage, right now it's looking increasing unlikely that you'll get your hands on an Ubuntu Edge.