Battle of the iPod docks: JBL OnBeat Micro VS. Denon DSD500 Cocoon

Battle of the iPod docks: JBL OnBeat Micro VS. Denon DSD500 Cocoon
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There is nothing better than having your entire music collection at the touch of a button. Coming home after a long day of work and relaxing with your favourite tunes is a match made in heaven. One of the most affordable and compact ways of having excellent sound quality is with a docking station. One of the most popular MP3 docks available is iPod docks. The rise of the MP3 player saw the decline in other devices such as CD Players. It still maintains strong in the market today. They are the perfect compact music solution, which is small enough to be taken anywhere. It would be far to say that the leading dock in the market is the iPod dock, which is due to Apples increasing popularity. There is an iPod dock available on the market to suit all budgets and needs. Two of the best available are the JBL OnBeat Micro and the Denon DSD500 Cocoon, below is why they are such a good option.

JBL OnBeat Micro:

It has a small and sleek design but pacts a punch with its outstanding sound quality. This is one of the most affordable iPod docks available and is even compatible with the iPhone 5.It has two full-range transducers and built in digital signal processing, that are combined to deliver a dynamic and space filling sound, for everyone to enjoy. It will be near on impossible to find an iPod dock at this price range with the same features and sound quality. The Micro allows you to listen to your music without wires or adapters and even comes with a USB port meaning it becomes compatible with many other devices. It can also be portable with four AAA batteries giving you up to 5 hours of playback. This means you can take the JBL OnBeat Micro available at Superfi anywhere you wish.  This is the perfect choice if you don’t want to break the piggy bank but want an excellent quality dock.

Denon DSD500 Cocoon:

The Denon DSD500 Cocoon available from Superfi is at the top end of the market. This luxury speaker has unrivalled sound quality for the price and a host of features. This is the perfect system for Apple IPods, IPhones and IPads. This stylish speaker houses two 100mm woofers and two 40mm tweeters, both driven by a 25 Watt Class D amplifier. It produces crisp powerful sounds with great clarity and impressive depth. This dock also comes with an analogue stereo input meaning it can be used with other MP3 devices. It can also have wired or wireless connection with your home network, meaning you can stream music from you iOS, Android or windows smartphone. It also comes with internet radio capability meaning you can access thousands of radio stations at the touch of a button. It comes in both white or black finish and a nice handy remote control. This speaker won’t be available to everyone with its higher price range, but if you have the cash to splash on a speaker, then you won’t be disappointed with this little gem.

To compare these two speakers with one another would be impossible. They are a different ends of the market. The one thing that brings these two speakers together is quality. Whichever one you decide to go for you will most definitely not be disappointed.