BlackBerry considering sale of the company
blackberry sale

BlackBerry has announced today that they have formed a special committee with its board of directors to investigate "strategic alternatives" to help grow the company, with one of those options being a sale of the company. Other options include partnerships and joint ventures, but with who is unknown. This comes after BlackBerry launched BlackBerry 10, a new OS that was hoped to make the company relevant again in a highly competitive and fast moving industry. But with many reporting that the OS is only at around 2.9 percent marketshare, and the blow that Microsoft's Windows Phone took 3rd place from them, it's really no surprise that the company is looking at what it should do next.

Timothy Dattels, Chairman of BlackBerry's Special Committee of the Board said:

During the past year, management and the Board have been focused on launching the BlackBerry 10 platform and BES 10, establishing a strong financial position, and evaluating the best approach to delivering long-term value for customers and shareholders. Given the importance and strength of our technology, and the evolving industry and competitive landscape, we believe that now is the right time to explore strategic alternatives.

Thorsten Heins, President and Chief Executive Officer of BlackBerry, added:

We continue to see compelling long-term opportunities for BlackBerry 10, we have exceptional technology that customers are embracing, we have a strong balance sheet and we are pleased with the progress that has been made in our transition. As the Special Committee focuses on exploring alternatives, we will be continuing with our strategy of reducing cost, driving efficiency and accelerating the deployment of BES 10, as well as driving adoption of BlackBerry 10 smartphones, launching the multi-platform BBM social messaging service, and pursuing mobile computing opportunities by leveraging the secure and reliable BlackBerry Global Data Network.

Of course just because BlackBerry is looking for a sale or partnership doesn't mean it will happen. If nobody sees potential in the company or its products it could be the end for BlackBerry.