Do smart devices need protection?
iphone 5s fingerprint

Smart phones and tablets are steadily taking over PC devices in popularity. The latest Gartner report has revealed an expected 67.9% increase in global shipments for tablets, while smart phone shipments continue to rise with a growth of 4.3%. Meanwhile, the PCs popularity is expected to drop, with a decline of 10.6% in global sales. This trend has been predicted for several years as the tablet and smart phone continues to become more advanced and convenient for the user. Carolina Milanesi, research Vice President at Gartner, has said:

“Consumers want anytime-anywhere computing that allows them to consume and create content with ease, but also share and access that content from a different portfolio of products.”


Personal information protection

There are various avenues via which virus’ can attack your smart device, which aren’t simply through connection to the internet. Games, software, ad-on’s and patches can all be infiltrated to either damage your device or leak personal information.

Symantec has recently updated its Norton Mobile Security to tackle the number of phony apps found in the Android operating system. Scanning 10,000 apps every 24 hours, Norton has already found 300,000 apps leaking personal information or call logs, according to a report by Tech Radar.

In order to continue making the most of your smart phone or tablet, there are a few easier steps you can take to protect your device and your information.

Keeping safe online

The initial step which should be taken is ensuring the smart device you purchase is from a reputable retailer. To do this, simply ensure you are purchasing a phone or tablet by a brand name and logo you recognise. These phones should also come with an IMEI number, which ensures its reputability.

Mobile protection tips offered by security experts also recommend you keep an eye on your Bluetooth. Avoid having the software turned on while you’re in a place you don’t know – such as on public transport or a different country – as many cyber-attacks use this to access your information.


Much like a PC, it’s also important to use anti-virus software on your smart devices as well. They’re simple to download for free saving you money and time and it’s possible to find software which offers all of your devices the same protection. When this type of software is on your device, it’s important to ensure you scan for virus’ regularly to check nothing is laying unnoticed within your device. With these simple steps, it’s easy to ensure the safety of your smart phone, tablet and personal information.