Facebook ventures into mobile gaming
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The mobile platform has helped to transform modern day gaming. Not only are apps becoming a dominant focus for game developers across the globe, but people are also starting to choose playing on their smartphone or tablet devices over more traditional platforms.

Not only are online gaming websites, such as Full Tilt Poker, launching mobile products to tap into this new and tech savvy audience, but the console market is suffering in light of its popularity, with mobile game content outselling traditional handheld consoles for the first time.

Popular social network, Facebook has decided to get in on the trend and is launching its Mobile Games Publishing pilot. Facebook will partner with a number of small and medium-sized developers, who will gain exposure from this new venture.

The site will offer these developers distribution through mobile advertisements in exchange for a share of their revenue. The companies will also have access to more than 800 million monthly users of mobile apps, and over 260 million individuals from the social network.

“There are many developers with awesome mobile games who don’t yet have the upfront resources for a paid strategy, and we want to help them find a path to success,” said Victor Medeiros, a software engineer at Facebook.

Ten participants have already been selected to take part in the venture, which will help game developers to scale from a local to a global platform in return for supplying Facebook with high quality game products.