The History of Electronic Cigarettes
ecig history

Electronic cigarettes have been through a varied timeline of events before being developed into the electrical devices that they are now. The very first electronic cigarette was developed almost 50 years ago. The original electronic cigarette was created by Herbert Gilbert in 1963. He created a device which heated a nicotine solution and produced steam. He was approached by several companies regarding the development and manufacturing of his invention but it never made it into production.

In 2003, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, invented an early version of the e-cigarette similar to those available today. When his father also a heavy smoker died from lung cancer, Hon decided to do something about his smoking habit. Hon created a nicotine e-liquid and electrical device, which heated up the liquid using an atomiser to create a vapour that could then be inhaled. He renamed his company ‘Ruyan’ which translates to ‘like smoke’ and refers to the smoke-like vapour created. The company soon began exporting these first generation devices abroad, and the design that Hon created formed the foundations for today’s modern e-cigarettes. In 2007, electronic cigarettes were introduced to the USA. The Food and Drugs Association tested and banned many of the imported e-cigarettes.

Not long after, the UK smoking ban came into effect, making it illegal to smoke tobacco cigarettes in enclosed public places including public transport. Following a heated debate in Parliament over whether electronic cigarettes should be included in the smoking ban. It was concluded that they would not be subject to the same legislation as tobacco cigarettes and could be used indoors.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated in 2008 that electronic cigarettes shouldn’t be marketed as a smoking cessation aid, which made it difficult for leading electronic cigarette companies to market their products.

2009, President Obama signed an act with the FDA giving them authority to regulate the tobacco industry. Individual states began to introduce their own laws regarding e-cigarette usage. States such as New Jersey and Oregon decided to include them in the smoking ban.

In June this year the MHRA (medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency) announced that the UK government will regulate electronic cigarettes as a medicine from 2016.

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