The Next Steve Jobs? Make Your Career Goals Happen

The Next Steve Jobs? Make Your Career Goals Happen

For many of us there is no escape from the need of having to work, we need finances to live, provide for our families and to enjoy the nicer things in life. We spend a great deal of time at work, more time than we do at home for many, and that’s why so many people are keen to find their perfect career and progress and grow within their roles. Not only does this make working life far easier and invoke passions and enthusiasms within us but it makes us feel as though we are really working towards something and can fulfil personal goals and ambitions. It is all too easy to be in a position of employment that does not provide us with the necessary life plans that we want within our jobs, if this is the case then it is time to look for a position that will fulfil all our needs and desires in terms of our careers, job based professionals such as are the perfect tool to do just that. You need to really identify a career plan that is both long term and short term to allow your job to make you feel fulfilled and satisfied and even passionate about what you do for a living.

Set Your Goals

You need to be very clear in terms of the things you wish to achieve. Whether it is a promotion, a move to another department or to simply learn a new skill. No matter how big or small it is write it down and work out the ways you can go about achieving this.

Set an Achievement Timeline

It is great having goals but they need to be achieved and you should work out a timescale by which each goal can be ticked off your list. It can be something in the immediate future or in 5 – 10 years, be realistic and make sure you have the chance to fulfil the goals and timeline, although pushing things back will not hurt it will just encourage you to work harder to get there faster.

Courses, Training and Events

Whatever your goals may be, there are active things you can do to help you fulfil them. Whether you want to become a member of management, or retrain in an area or even work on yourself and become more assertive there are lots of courses and support out there that can help you whatever your ambitions.

Discuss with Management

Your employer is usually there to help and by making them aware that you want to progress not only shows dedication and passion but a true sense of professionalism and it will be rewarded. They will also help you achieve the things you want to and advise how you can get into a place you want to be.

Be Brave

Some goals will take a lot of courage to fulfil, such as re-training, especially if you have been in one role for a period of time.

Be Realistic

Make sure the goals and targets you set are actually capable of happening and that you will not be left disappointed by things you never had a hope of achieving.

Be Focused

Driven people are far more likely to succeed and meet the things they have set themselves. Focus on what it is that you want and remain focused on achieving the goals.