Will People Buy the Budget iPhone 5C?

Technology giant Apple has always been known for releasing the latest gadgets with the highest specifications – the gadgets that are a must-have for its loyal following. This doesn't look set to change either, with the big reveal of the iPhone 5S featuring a fingerprint sensor and a 128GB option set for the 10th September. But that isn’t the only device Apple is expected to reveal.

The budget iPhone 5C is also an announcement anticipated by tech experts around the globe - a plastic cased, lower spec model available to those who don’t want to splash out. But is this what Apple consumers want? Will people used to the high specification and smart features of the latest device buy a budget iPhone?

Most people’s initial reaction would be no, but then its loyal audience isn’t exactly who Apple is targeting. The company is attempting to break into the lower-end market, to bring feature phone users into the smartphone world, and to tackle brands like Samsung – who have released a huge range of devices this year to reach out to all backgrounds.

In previous years, Apple has kept the last two iPhone models on sale at a lower price, to allow those who can’t afford the latest model to pay less and still show off the Apple brand. But it isn’t going to work in quite the same way this time round.

The iPhone 5C is expected to knock its predecessor, the iPhone 5, off the market completely, while the iPhone 4S will remain as the budget option. The iPhone 4 will also drop off the market as it doesn’t support iOS 7. So, in fact, the 5C isn’t really a budget iPhone – at least not as budget as everyone was expecting.

Rumours have surfaced that the iPhone 5C will go on sale as a mid-range device for somewhere between £230 and £320 - which could still be considered a bank-breaker by some consumers. By the looks of various leaked photos the device will have plastic casing, come in a range of colours and be slightly bigger than the iPhone 5, but other specifications are merely rumoured so far.

So, as always, it seems that Apple is still one step ahead of the game - the company know that people who want Apple also want pretty high specifications. So, by creating a mid-range device at a more reasonable, but still not cheap, price the brand can attract those who feel a bit tight but still want that high tech feeling.

It is expected that Apple’s iPhone 5S will still sell in the highest quantities though, as people queue for hours to get their hands on the latest device. The hype surrounding new Apple devices is due to its extremely loyal users.  Mobile phone recycling site CompareMyMobile say that this was extremely noticeable around the release of the iPhone 5, as huge amounts of people traded in their old Apple devices to upgrade.

New leaks showing the iPhone 5S suggest it will have a super HD display which has double the screen resolution of its predecessor – so that alone should be enough to get most fans excited. It’s rumoured to have a 13-megapixel camera and come in black, champagne gold and silver – so they have the potential to look extremely smart.

It’s safe to say the iPhone 5S could well ship in its millions though if past sales are anything to go by. But will the iPhone 5C follow in its steps? Would you buy the device?