Goodbye Google Analytics, Hello Ruler Analytics!
Ruler Analytics

There is a new tool in town to measure your marketing efforts, and it's better than Google Analytics. Ruler Analytics is the only web analytics tool that enables you to instantly measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, ensuring that every penny spent is accounted for and thus allowing you to see exactly which marketing channels are working and which are not. You can then stop spending where it's not working.

If your company makes £100 worth of sales overnight, Ruler Analytics will break it down like this:

Organic / Google - Keyword: Yellow Juice Box - £70 sale Paid / PPC - Keyword: Juice Box Guide - £10 sale Social Media / Twitter - £20 sale

Ruler Analytics shows you the data that matters and cuts out the data we don't need. They focus on the data that will to expose your most valuable marketing channel and make your company more profitable.

From their website:

"Ruler Analytics ‘closes the loop’ between marketing and sales by matching real customer data against the exact marketing source from which it was generated."

If you're not using Ruler Analytics, you should stop throwing money in a fire and make the move ASAP.

Check it out now: