Nintendo makes 2D version of the 3DS, calls it the 2DS
nintendo 2ds

Before we start lets just make it clear that it isn't April 1st, okay? Lets begin. Yes Nintendo is releasing a cheaper version of its 3DS handheld console that gets rid of the 3D and the clamshell design and puts it at $129.99. Nintendo is known for experimentation but will anyone buy this one?

The cheaper handheld is known as the 2DS and will play all 3DS and DS games minus the 3D effects. It still includes Wi-Fi, multiplier games, and the Nintendo eShop.

red nintendo 2ds

The price puts it at about $50 less than the 3DS, which isn't really all that much cheaper. But if you don't care about 3D and the odd wedge form factor doesn't bother you, maybe it's for you?