Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.3-inch display
galaxy note 3

Samsung has just announced its brand new Galaxy Note 3 which features a 5.3-inch display and a slimmer design. While not a drastic change has been made to the overall look of the front of the device, the back features what appears to be a faux-leather that which comes in black, pink, and white. The device weights at 168g. A new launcher is on the Galaxy Note 3 called Air Command which has been designed to make the S Pen more useful. It brings up a list of tools that allows users to use and organise how they see fit. It also allows users to make handwritten notes quickly. Samsung showed an example by writing down a number, then using the new software to save it in the address book, or even call it.

We'll hopefully have more info on the specs of the Note 3 soon, but we do now it will launch on September 25th in 149 countries, and the rest of the world in October.