Internet famous: Top 5 viral videos
top viral videos

Thanks to a combination of YouTube and social media, some videos have gone from complete obscurity to international fame in a matter of days. Whether it’s a 30 second clip or a complex film piece, viral videos have taken over the internet. With billions of views between them, the top five have been seen all around the world several times each. Some are funny, some are annoying, all of them have universal popularity. Let’s take a look at the five most popular videos on the web…

The Cute One – Dramatic Chipmunk

The clip originated from Japanese show Hello! Morning, while the music used is a sound bite from the comedy film Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks in 1974.

The Cat One – Henri, le Chat Noir

A series of short films covering existential thoughts of a black and white cat, the second film in the series actually won an award –The Golden Kitty. If there’s one thing you can always find on the internet, it’s cats; so Henri has been very lucky indeed to have been named the best of the best.

The Dance One – Gangnam Style

The king of K-Pop Psy released this single as the lead of his sixth studio album, and has now risen to global fame. The video was the first on YouTube to hit one billion views, and according to a survey by dance experts Dance Direct to find Britain’s favourite dance,this one came out on top!

The Annoying One – Hamster Dance

One of the first examples of an internet meme, Hamster Dance started as part of a competition between three girls to see who could create the content with the most traffic. Starting with only around four views per day, the site suddenly started receiving thousands and the video went on to gain international fame.

The Branded One – David Beckham for H&M

Directed by famed British director Guy Ritchie, this ad for David Beckham’s newest range of underwear is one of the few ads to actually go viral. What makes it so popular? We’re guessing David Beckham naked once more had something to do with it.